Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taking Care of Our Aging Parents - A Baby Boomer Magazine Real Story Series

Baby Boomer Real Story Series
Taking Care of Our Aging Parents
By Jeannie Lange

Story #1
Taking Care of Mom – Walking a Fine Line

NEW Baby Boomer Magazine Real Story Series about taking care of our Aging Elderly Parents.

This weekly Baby Boomer Real Story Series follows the continuing experiences of Baby Boomer Jeannie Lange taking care of her aging elderly Mom - both the serious and humerous..

Other Baby Boomer Real Stories

This first story gives the background of Jeannie's care giving experiences taking care of her elderly Mom.

You might think that the majority of people want to live as long as possible. I’d love to see statistics on that – well, maybe not.

You see, I see both sides of the picture.

On one side, I have my mother and father-in-law, 86 and 88 respectively, who despite a myriad of health issues that include TIAs, cancer, diabetes and more, are doing everything possible to live a long full life.

On the other side, there is my mom. At the age of 71 she lost the love of her life, my daddy, to the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Not long after Daddy died, Mom began saying that she wanted to go to sleep and not wake up so that she could be with him. Unfortunately for her she has been, and still is at the age of 94, physically healthy.

Fortunately for her, she has always enjoyed the company of her very large family so while she missed Daddy, she was still happy.

Mom’s mental health has declined over the years and she is now deep into the stages of dementia.

After living 24 years in my brother’s home, the time came when she could no longer be left alone for fear that she would fall and get hurt, burn the house down, or any other thing you really don’t want to happen. She had already broken a wrist and more recently a couple ribs and yet in neither instance could she tell you what happened.

With Mom’s safety on my mind, I left my job of 21 years to stay home and care for her.

I was lucky enough to meet the retirement requirements of my company and also was able to make the transition easier through a severance package lasting almost a full year.

I started out just going to my brother’s to spend the day with Mom while he was working. I was enjoying my time with her but quickly realized that her dementia had progressed to a point where she needed someone to handle her care 24x7.

My wonderful husband suggested we move her into our home and in the span of a week, we prepared a room for her and moved her in, providing my brother some much deserved relief.

So now, five months after I started this journey, I am walking a fine line.

My goal each day is to keep her comfortable and happy. While that includes maintaining her physical health, I keep in mind her wish to join Daddy.

At present, she is fighting a cold. I watch for signs of pneumonia and ensure her comfort through it but take no unnecessary measures just to prolong her life. She is still physically strong and gaining ground against it each day.

But I can’t help but wonder, “Will this be the one that finally takes the toll?”

Jeannie Lange, born in southwestern Ohio, has made her home in Kentucky with her husband, Steve. Their four grown children and their families live nearby. She retired from the insurance industry at the age of 55 to take care of her 94 year old mother 24x7.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Boomers Use Automated Call Medication Reminder Service

Baby Boomers Use Automated Call Medication Reminder Service

Baby Boomers Use
Automated Call Medication
Reminder Service
for Better Health

Baby Boomers use Automated Call Medication Reminder Service so we will never forget our medications again with daily reminders when to take them.

One third to one half of Baby Boomers do not take our medications as prescribed.'s Automated Call Medication Reminder Service helps us remember when to take our pills.

Automated Medication Reminder Service calls us daily (1-5 times per day) when to take our medication.

According to a national study, about one third to one half of Baby Boomers do not take our medications as prescribed. This can be detrimental to our health and to our pocketbooks too.

Taking doctor prescribed medication is an important part of our medical treatment and often critical that the medication course be taken at the prescribed time. Not taking our medication as prescribed can lead to a medical setback which can cause repeated and longer admissions to the hospital as well as a longer recovery time.

Never forget to take your MEDICATION again with -
Automated Call Medication Reminder Service

Journal of Community Health Nursing - reports that community health nurses are very concerned with the well-being of older Baby Boomers who have at least 1 - 2 chronic health problems (heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer, diabetes, etc) and are struggling with the management of prescribed medications.

Oregon Health & Science University – Conducted a study and found that more than 75% of people aged 65 and older take prescription medication, and on average they take 3 or more medications a day. More than 50% of these individuals are non-adherent to their medication regimen, which can have tremendous impact on their health. The financial cost of this medication mismanagement is also significant, since it leads to increased hospitalization and drug side-effects. is a service that sends its clients daily reminder messages directly to their home phone, cell phone or via text message. Each calling schedule is designed to meet the specific needs of its clients, from 1 to 5 times per day.

This much-needed Medication Reminder Service is primarily designed to benefit three different groups:
Patients - will ensure that they take their pills at designated times
Doctors - will know that their patients are complying
Insurance Companies - will realize a reduction in claims from non-complying patients

Baby Boomer Aneel Robinson, owner of, founded his company out of his own personal need. He had high blood pressure and was supposed to be taking three pills a day. Like many, he would continually miss taking his medication at the directed times – sometimes, for two or three days in a row.

The missing of the timely taking of his medication led Aneel to a mini-stroke.
Now, as a result of using his own service, Robinson's blood pressure is back to normal and now he only takes one pill per day.

Calls are not limited to medication reminders; they may also be used for prescription refill and doctors appointment reminders. provides this service to people in the U.S. and Canada.
Packages start as low as $3.50 per month.

It's a great gift idea for parents of Baby Boomers too.

For more information, visit:
(253) 831-8834

Baby Boomer Magazine Recommends this Automated Medication Reminder Service for anyone that needs to remember their medications.

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Baby Boomer Magazine,
with due consideration of the present economic situation,
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Baby Boomer Magazine does not accept any Advertising Revenue from our Baby Boomer Resource Partners. We only monetarily benefit if you find the product, service or opportunity that is truly of benefit to you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - Baby Boomers Support Microbial Restoration Solution [VIDEO]

Gulf Oil Spill -
Baby Boomers Support
Microbial Restoration Solution

Microbes occur in nature,

Our bodies have over a pound of microbes.

Each type of microbe is programmed to do certain tasks.

Article on
Gulf Oil Spill - Baby Boomers Support Microbial Restoration Solution [VIDEO]

In the last 20 years Scientists have been able to find and ‘harvest’ some naturally occurring oil-eating microbes from all around the world.

Oil Eating Microbes
These special Oil-Eating Microbes are simply mixed with water and sprayed on the oil where they eat it — leaving a natural waste product that is harmless to marine life.

These microbes are now commercially available with the increase in their reproduction cycle so that trillions are now available to help us!

These microbes have been tested successful on large oil spills around the world.

These microbes can be supplied immediately in large enough quantities to ‘bioremediate’ the oil that is now washing up on the beaches and in the marshes of the Gulf Coast.

The microbes are simply mixed with water and sprayed on the oil as it reaches the calmer waters near shore or on shore itself.

The microbes effectively eat the oil — leaving a natural waste product that is harmless to marine life. Their waste is non-toxic and can actually be beneficial to the plants and sea creatures that feed on it.

The process to completely clean an area of oil can usually be accomplished in just a few weeks — not years.

[VIDEO] Gulf Oil Spill-Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks
If the Power of Baby Boomers can be utelized, we can adopt this solution immediately, giving a real chance to save the Gulf.



If you are a local, state or federal government Baby Boomer official, press or media representative or even an oil company executive, please contact SpillFighters for information you need to make an informed decision about how to implement this process.


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Use 'Baby Boomers' in Your Online Search for Our Products & Services

Use 'Baby Boomer' or 'Boomers'
in Your Search Engine Searches for Our Products & Services - those that are specifically designed for our
Baby Boomer Generation -
NOT to be confused with Seniors.

Marketing and Advertising in the
United States considers


- - - - - BABY BOOMERS ARE NOT SENIORS - - - - - 

Who are Boomers and who are Seniors?
   Baby Boomer Generation -
        1946-1964 (Ages 46-64)
   Silent Generation (Seniors) -
1925-1945 (Ages 65-85)
The Baby Boomer Generation 18 year span (born between 1946 and 1964) represents those years directly following World War II which led to the biggest population boom in US history, when 78 million babies were born in the United States alone.

Silent Generation (Seniors) represents nearly 50 million Americans which were born between the years of 1925 and 1942. 

The Silent Generation (Seniors) represents a group of  95% retired Americans. In just a few short years virtually none of them will command an industry, a battlefield, anything at all. They will have mostly gone well into the background. 

The Baby Boomer Generation represents a very large group of non-retired Americans. Baby Boomers continue to be the most influential group in American Politics and in Business.

Baby Boomers are uniquely characterized by our preparation for retirement.

Marketing in the United States continues to be focused on the 25 - 54 Demographic for mainstream America.

Marketing in the United States considers the 54+ to be Seniors.
Most all Baby Boomers in their 50's and early 60's are (for marketing purposes) are considered SENIORS.

Unique Issues for Baby Boomers (Different from Seniors and Younger Adults):
• Working Careers are Winding Down
• Reality of Working During Retirement
• Financial Planning for Retirement
• Increasing Health Issues - Anti-aging Products
• Vacations that are Active and Adventurous
• Home Remodeling and Living Plans without Children

How do Baby Boomers find products and services for designed for US?

Add 'baby boomers' to your Search Engine Search and see the difference.

Try these Google Searches, with and without Baby Boomers in the Search: (Click on the text link to see the Google Search)

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Use 'baby boomer' in your Search Engine Searches.

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Baby Boomer Magazine,
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 of all Baby Boomers in our preparation and implementation of

our retirement with a desirable quality of life.

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Advertise to Baby Boomers on

Advertise to Baby Boomers

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Baby Boomer Magazine

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Whether a Baby Boomer is searching for a health concern, a financial issue, a retirement resource or searching for something that fulfills a Baby Boomer specific desire or need; most have come to Baby Boomer Magazine searching for something.

Baby Boomer Magazine is over 4 years old and is without question one of the most popular Online resources for Baby Boomers with thousands Page Views every day. But the truth is that nearly 70% of its daily visitors come into our Online Magazine through a keyword/phrase search on a Search Engine from key word/phrase optimized articles.

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Baby Boomer Magazine ( is primarily a Search Engine Marketing Website. This means that its design from its conception was for the purpose of effectively getting its articles into Search Engines in as little as 24 hours.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote websites/webpages by increasing their visibility on search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). It's a lot more complicated than that but this is a simple definition.

• Over 60% of those conducting online research for products and services go to Search Engines First.
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Search Engines build keyword/phrase indexes of Web pages through a process called spidering using what is commonly called a Web Crawler. The process associates one or more of these keyword/phrases to the content of that webpage. When a Search Engine User types in a keyword/phrase, the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) reflect those indexed pages. There are often hundreds, if not thousands, of webpages that have been indexed with the same keyword/phrase.

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Baby Boomer Generation Seeks Home Business Opportunities

If you are already involved in a home based business or any other type of direct sales program, then you are probably interested in building your business using business opportunity seekers.

These are people who have expressed an interest in a home-based business, extra-income opportunity, multi-level marketing, or entrepreneurship by signing up on one or many websites that match business opportunity seekers with the type of offering they are looking for.

Some Baby Boomers may have no interest in having a business of their own, and simply want to make extra money working for someone else. If this is the case, then maybe you just need to get a second job.

Serious business builders are business opportunity seekers who want to be involved in their fate, and be able to say what goes, not just do what someone else tells them to do.

There are a number of list providers on the internet that specialize in gathering information on perspective business opportunity seekers, by asking them to fill out a simple form about what type of money making venture they are looking for.

The lead company then compiles this information for sale to multi-level marketers (MLM) and other types of businesses who need fresh responsive leads, not just lists that have been circulated to thousands of people.

Making calls to these people will not be a positive experience because they have already been bombarded with calls from your competition. They don’t want to hear what you have to say. On the contrary, actually speaking with a true business opportunity seeker is a refreshing experience, because this person really wants to listen to you about what you have to offer. Lead companies also sell pre-qualified leads that can greatly increase your efficiency and level of success. These pre-qualified business opportunity seekers have been contacted by the lead company to verify the type of opportunity they are looking for, so that they can be matched as closely as possible for just the right fit.

Business opportunity seekers are the cornerstones of any MLM, direct sales and many home based businesses. It is not always possible to continue recruiting new people from your warm market only. At some point, all multi-level marketers must search for business builders outside of their group of family, friends, and co-workers to connect with those people who are just waiting to be found.

Consider Building a Website to Support the Marketing of Your Business

Get a Quote on a New Online Business Website or for a Website Makeover

Are you a Baby Boomer business opportunity seeker?
Request Business Information below.

Your Business Can Sponsor this Article.
Become a Baby Boomer Marketing Partner!

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Baby Boomers are Starting Online Businesses [VIDEO]

Baby Boomers are Starting Online Businesses

As Baby Boomers retire from there career jobs, many of us are becoming Online Entrepreneurs to supplement our income and to keep busy.

Baby Boomers have always made an impact on every age they’ve moved through, and we’re now redefining the newest stage of their lives - retirement.

We are as a group almost 80 million strong and we are quickly becoming a major entrepreneurial force.

That’s because as more and more Baby Boomers retire from our long time career jobs, we’re coming back out of retirement to launch our own ventures.

In fact, according to the Labor Department, today’s Baby Boomers (ages 44 to 62) account for 54 percent of self-employed persons - up from 48.5 percent in 2000.

One of the most popular and fastest growing choices for our self-employment is Building an Online Business. That's because Baby Boomers are the first retiring generation who are truly comfortable with life on the Internet. Studies show that nearly 72 percent of boomers in there 50's go online regularly.

There has been a real spike in interest among the Baby Boomer Generation to own our own business. For many of us, being in business for ourselves is a lifelong dream. Online businesses fit in nicely with retiring Baby Boomers with its flexible work schedule and mostly work from home lifestyle.

For some us, the online businesses we’re starting takes advantage of skills that we’ve learned in our past lives. Baby Boomers can Build a Website to Market your Business Expertise that would be valuable to others. This would allow us to use the knowledge they’ve gained from our corporate lives and share it with other business owners. This way we feel that our whole lifetime of knowledge that we’ve gained is not going to waste - and we can make some decent money doing it.

Consider Building a Website to Support Marketing Your Business

And as pop culture tells us, 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 50. So why not begin a whole new chapter of our lives at 55.

Get a Quote on a New Online Business Website or a Website Makeover

Baby Boomers Recession Proof Ourselves with a Home Based Business.

Share your experiences, remembrances and opinions about "Baby Boomers are Starting Online Businesses" with other Baby Boomers on our "Baby Boomer Forum"

Baby Boomer Magazine,
with due consideration of the present economic situation,
has committed its investigative and editorial resources
to find individuals and companies of integrity
as well as products, services and opportunities of quality and true benefit
of all Baby Boomers in our preparation and implementation of our
retirement with a desirable quality of life.

Baby Boomer Magazine Does The Research and Screening
of products, services and retirement business opportunities expressly for their true value to Baby Boomers - ones that Baby Boomer Magazine can support with our "Baby Boomer Magazine Resource Guarantee".

Baby Boomer Magazine Utilizes our Baby Boomer Resource Partners to educate, consult and if found of value to you, to sell you the products, services or opportunities that truly benefit you as a Baby Boomer.

Baby Boomer Magazine's Resources Partners also represent various products, services or business opportunities that we have found to be of true benefit to Baby Boomers. We Guarantees there will be absolutely NO Hard Sell, NO Obligation, NO SPAM and NO Hassles.

Baby Boomer Magazine does not accept any Advertising Revenue from our Baby Boomer Resource Partners. We only monetarily benefit if you find the product, service or opportunity that is truly of benefit to you.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Boomers Consider Retiring in Costa Rica - General Information

Baby Boomers deserve the best in life because we have earned it. No wonder they say life actually starts after 50! So if you are looking for a place where we can retire in peace as well as enjoy the goodness of nature and life, then Costa Rica might be just the right one for you.

A beautiful country with plenty of natural resources and undeniable temptations, Costa Rica is an upcoming Real Estate hub. Surrounded by palm fringed beaches, a rich variety of flora and fauna, dense undergrowth of rainforests, magnificent mountains and numerous species of wild animals, Costa Rica is a paradise on earth. This is the real Costa Rica and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. But now it has started to attract a different group of people – retiring Baby Boomers.

Basic Information
Costa Rica has a landmass spread over 19,730 square miles, which is little over the combined land mass area of Delaware, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is a Central American country, which is bordered by the Caribbean in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West. Its immediate neighbors are Nicaragua and Panama. It is divided into different zones and they are the Central Highlands, The Caribbean Coast, The Northern Zone, Guanacaste and the Northwest, Nicoya Peninsula, Central Pacific and Golfo Dulce and the Peninsula De Osa.
GeographyCosta Rica is located right at the center of the isthmus of Central America. It is surrounded by the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua and Panama. The topography and geography of Costa Rica is varied and this makes it an interesting place to retire especially with its rivers, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and tropical forests. It’s natural paradise boasts of 7 different climate zones, thousands of habitats, various species of flora and fauna, great people, shimmering sandy beaches and a glorious sunset.

Climate and Weather
Costa Rica has seven microclimates and it is a tropical country with two seasons: the rainy season or winters also called the invierno, and the summers or dry season called the verano. The summers start in December and ends in April, while the rainy season is from May to November. The overall climate is pleasant with sunshine in the day and light winds in the evening.

Population and Language
The population of Costa Rica is approximately 3 million and the native language is Spanish. Due to the low Costa Rica cost of living, more and more foreigners are purchasing real estate here.

Costa Rica Economy
One of the primary factors for the surge in Costa Rica real estate is due to its stable economy. Costa Rica's economy depends mostly on tourism, agriculture and export of microchips. It is an extremely safe place for tourists with low crime rates. There are still 20-25% people living below the poverty line.

Education & Health Care
Costa Rica has a high rate of literacy, almost 95%, which is also the highest in Latin America. It also has a good health care system that offers both public and private care. Citizens of Costa Rica can access the public health care system with ease. The employees and employers in the country make monthly or annual health-care contributions.

Political Stability
Costa Rica has one of the oldest democracies in South & Central America and boasts of its peaceful history. It is one of the few countries in the world that does not have a military. Instead the government of Costa Rica has invested most of the resources previously committed to defense in education, health and conservation.

Public Services
Everyone wants to have a home in a place where there is electricity, water and all other amenities. Costa Rica has them all and what more; you can’t find a more pure form of water than anywhere else. It’s right from the mountains!

The infrastructure of Costa Rica is sound and has got strengthened over the years. It has a good network of roads and a sophisticated public transport system. From taxis to buses, you can find different modes of transport. There are ferry services also available for crossing the Tempiscque River. Costa Rica is connected to the rest of the world by air and has two domestic air services Travel Air and Sansa.

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Costa Rica is quite low as compared to living in USA, Europe or may be Canada. The initial buying cost of property in Costa Rica may appear high but actually it is not. If you compare the prices of Real Estates in Costa Rica to locations such as Florida, California or Hawaii that have beautiful locations, you will find that Costa Rica has the least prices.

Income Taxes in Costa Rica
If you earn anything outside Costa Rica then you are not liable to pay any taxes on it. If you are operating your business out of the country then you will be liable to pay a low personal income tax with benefits like personal expenses as deductible. The corporate tax applicable in Costa Rica is also quite low. Sales tax is 13% and there is a 10% tax on table service at various bars and restaurants across Costa Rica.

Immigration Requirements
You need to have a valid passport and a continuing ticket. If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc., then you can stay in Costa Rica for 90-days without a Visa. There are many non-residents who are staying in Costa Rica and at the end of the 90 day period, travel to nearby countries like Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico etc and spend 72 hours outside the country and return back. Due to the low Costa Rica cost of living, it has become a haven for travelers and foreign investors who keep pouring in.

Permanent Residency
Costa Rica retirement options include applying for permanent residency. If you are able to show a proof of permanent income through pension, retirement funds, retirement benefits or investments, then you can easily apply for the permanent residency status. You will need to contact your local Costa Rican embassy or you can contact us regarding the terms and requirements for filing an application.

Real Estate Investment
Costa Rica real estate is open to everyone and anyone including the citizens as well as foreign investors and has become a true haven for Real Estate investment especially for American, Canadian and the European investors. More importantly, there has been no property depreciation in over 20 years and is considered one of the safest Real Estate investments in the world.

For more information on "Retiring in Costa Rica" and take advantage of some special offers 'Just for Baby Boomers", fill out the form below for an informative, no pressure response.

More information on Retiring in Costa Rica on

Book: The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica

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Retire in Costa Rica
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SEO Article Marketing for Baby Boomer's Web Sites Get #1 Page Rank

SEO Article Marketing for Baby Boomer's Web Sites Get #1 Page Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Article Marketing are used to improve the volume and quality of relevant traffic to a Baby Boomer's web site from major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL or Ask via "natural" (organic or algorithmic) search results.

SEO is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing media channels today. Experts agree that Search Marketing is working because of the direct content relevance that it represents. Search Engine Marketing attracts consumers who are actively looking for something they actually want, need and/or desire. Research has shown active Baby Boomer minds are engaged in and in tune with the content and results they find to satisfy their information request.

Today Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is as important to the marketing of a Baby Boomer's web site as image optimization is to its graphic design. Google ranks web sites using more than 200 different factors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be considered, and if possible, implemented, throughout the planning, design, development, and maintenance stages of every Baby Boomer's web site. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to attract targeted quality visitors to your Baby Boomer web site.

People read small pages of information we call articles - not entire web sites. Each article should be optimized to achieve high page rank. SEO Companies begin by distributing articles about your company and/or your products that contain popular search keywords and long-tail search phrases. These keywords include anchor text links that point directly to your Baby Boomer web site so you get natural organic traffic. These one-way text links act as quality votes for your Baby Boomer web site resulting in a much higher Page Listing as well as targeted traffic.

SEO Marketing Companies begin this process by researching relevant search words used in your trade area. These search words help to determine the exact words and phrases you need to target with an article or press releases that links directly to your web site. Then they finish by distributing your article across a network of more than 100+ Internet publishers, blogs and search engines. Article Marketing is one of the most effective SEO marketing strategies to begin getting improved web site traffic and long term content optimization.

Each and every day hundreds of millions of people search for companies, products and services using major search engines. To learn more about how you can help your Baby Boomer web site to get a natural # 1 Page Rank, contact

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Boomer Generation Struggles with Eating Disorders

When you think of eating disorders, you may not think the concept to be very serious. However, it's probably one of the most profound issues with Baby Boomers in the United States today. This may be due to a lack of information on eating disorders. It's imperative to become educated on the dangers of eating disorders as soon as possible.

A large percent of Baby Boomers suffer from issues regarding weight. In fact, Eating disorders have become a standard affliction amongst today's Baby Boomers. The big question now is; how thin is too thin? This dilemma draws from how we view ourselves. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you love your body and the way you look? Unfortunately many of us don't love our bodies and how we look.

This is where eating disorders can creep into the picture. Okay folks, it's time to acquire some valuable information on eating disorders. Let the World-Wide-Web educate you for free.

One factor that I can't help but consider, regards Tinsel Town. What is Hollywood up to these days? The concept of thin has been stretched to a whole new level. Have you taken a glance at some of the celebrities these days? A number of them are borderline anorexic. This is plain and simply not a good example for our aging society. Baby Boomers everywhere look up to these "so-called" role models, as if they're the all-knowing ones. Unfortunately the females of Hollywood have adopted a diet plan that takes being thin and "healthy" a tad too far.
If you didn't already notice, Baby Boomer women across the nation are conforming to this frail look, regardless of the health hazards involved. I mean come on, I'm for eating right and staying healthy, but there's a fine line in there somewhere. Maybe Hollywood needs some serious information on eating disorders.

With severe eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia spreading though our communities, we must take charge and provide information on eating disorders to Baby Boomers. Whether it is at work or at home, the facts must be spread. In the end, we all want to be healthy and look nice, however we don't want to refrain from eating all together, or commence purging at the end of each meal.

Get online today and take advantage of the plethora of information on eating disorders.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Buy Buy Baby Boomer

Picture the average Internet shopper. If the image that popped into your brain was of a young techie turk, think again. Think his Baby Boomer dad.

While they may be surfing the Web to buy their Eminem CDs and Harry Potter tomes, teenagers are not the Internet's primary shopper. According to a recent survey, the Baby Boomer Generation is leading online purchasing and bringing the activity mainstream.

Charting the Online Shopping Revolution,' commissioned by Parade magazine and conducted by research firm Greenfield Online concluded that 85% of Internet users are now shopping online and that baby boomers are leading the pack. Web-shopping drivers for Baby Boomers included convenience, location and thriftiness with the top online purchases being for music, books and computer software.

Research showed:
74% of Baby Boomers liked 24/7 shopping capabilities
68% of Baby Boomers liked that shopping online saves time
66% of Baby Boomers liked availability online not available locally
54% of Baby Boomers liked shopping without annoying sales people
57% of Baby Boomers liked special online sales promotions

Research also showed that:
67% of Baby Boomers were responsive to banner advertising
65% of Baby Boomers responded to website ad links
56% of Baby Boomers visited a website from a URL tag on a TV ad

If you are not yet an Internet shopper, try it. With the high mall prices and big crowds, it is simply ideal to shop online these days. I guarantee that you will save some real bucks. "

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby Boomers are Concerned About Global Warming

The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real and that it is the result of our activities and not a natural occurrence.

Carbon dioxide and other gases warm the surface of the planet naturally by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. This is a good thing because it keeps our planet habitable. However, by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing forests we have dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere and temperatures are rising.

We’re already seeing changes. Glaciers are melting, plants and animals are being forced from their habitat, and the number of severe storms and droughts is increasing. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes have almost doubled in the last 30 years and the flow of ice from glaciers in Greenland has more than doubled over the past decade.

If the warming continues, we can expect catastrophic consequences. Global sea levels could rise by more than 20 feet with the loss of shelf ice in Greenland and Antarctica, devastating coastal areas worldwide. Heat waves will be more frequent and more intense, droughts and wildfires will occur more often and the Arctic Ocean could be ice free in summer by 2050. More than a million species worldwide could be driven to extinction by 2050.

The United States, with only four percent of the world’s population, is responsible for 22% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. A rapid transition to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources will combat global warming, protect human health, create new jobs, protect habitat and wildlife, and ensure a secure, affordable energy future.

Fortunately, the science also tells us how we can begin to make significant repairs to try and reverse those impacts, but only through immediate action.

There is no doubt that Baby Boomers can make a huge impact on solving this problem. In fact, we have a moral obligation to do so. That’s why we urge you to join us by spreading the word and sharing this with others. Our collective power will force governments, corporations, and politicians everywhere to pay attention. Small changes to our daily routine can add up to big differences in helping to stop global warming.

The time to come together to solve this problem is now!


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby Boomers Want a Travel Agent We Can Trust

Baby Boomers are not passive about making Adventure Travel decisions. The challenge for our travel agency is to make it clear that their travel services offer plenty of options. We like things that reinforce our feelings of specialness and want travel designed to fit our individual needs - so customization is very important.

Adventure Travel for Baby Boomers means a stimulating, cultural/social experience and want more interactivity in the travel experience. We don't want to hear about panning for gold, we want to do it. Part of the enjoyment of our Travel Adventure Experience is knowing it's unique - that's part of the rush.

What Baby Boomers definitely do not want is herding. To many of us, group travel has the faint aroma of a cattle drive. This has prompted some travel agencies to even drop "tours" from their names. Some travel agencies offer group travel that provides group transportation and accommodations, but impose a less rigid structure on our daily movements. Others are trying to increase the fun factor by encouraging Baby Boomers to bring our friends with us on vacation. A group isn't a negative when it's a group of our own friends.

Baby Boomers find appealing the idea of letting somebody else deal with all the details, but our problem with this is trust. We wonder whether we can trust somebody else to plan our kind of trip. To attract Baby Boomers, travel agents must emphasize their expertise and add value that we can't get on their own. Guides must become like personal trainers and demonstrate the skill and knowledge that we will respect and pay for. Public relations efforts travel agents that impart third party or expert endorsement help break through our skepticism. Local newspapers and word of mouth were the best sources of information and persuasion for travel products.

Baby Boomers are willing to pay for travel fun, adventure, luxury, expertise and convenience. We are willing and able to do things for ourselves, but we would really like to hire a travel agency to do it for us - if we can trust that they understand what we want and have the expertise to give it to us. will soon be offering travel destinations and options that are customized for the travel needs of Baby Boomers.
Travel experiences that Baby Boomers can trust!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Baby Boomers Consider Travel a Necessity

Most 78 million Baby Boomers are now in our peak travel years. We are, however, significantly different travel consumers than our parents, and experts expect us to maintain those differences as we age. Travel industry organizations that fail to identify and heed our unique qualities could soon find themselves in serious trouble. The overwhelming perception of group travel tour packages, so popular with our parents, is a big "NOT".

Baby Boomers consider travel a necessity, not a luxury, and have traveled more than any other generation in the history of the United States. While our parents first visited Europe when they retired, we criss-crossed the Continent as students. As experienced travelers, Baby Boomers seek out more exotic destinations or more in-depth ways of experiencing familiar places. We are not likely to find ourselves on bus tours of the U.S. because they already did that on their bikes or with backpacks. Been-there-done-that is one reason Adventure Travel appeals to Baby Boomers.

Adventure travel is defined as either physically challenging outdoor activity or an off-the-beaten-path destination. Because we are also interested in bettering themselves, intellectually stimulating travel also holds a great deal of appeal for us.

Baby Boomers still don't want to be like our senior parents and see ourselves as forever young. Early bird specials and senior discounts hold no appeal for us because we won't think of ourselves as seniors and won't until we are well into our seventies. That means mixing the two generations in the same tour group or cruise ship probably won't work out well for us. This cult of youth of course has a big effect in our choice of travel suppliers and companions. We don't want anything that smacks of being stuffy or stodgy with younger images getting our attention.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Adventure Travel for Baby Boomers

For some Baby Boomers, simply seeing the world from a cruise ship or a guided tour is just not enough. Adventure travel is a newer term for an age-old activity. Instead of simply viewing places of interest, we go out and find a way to have an adventure.

Do you dream of visiting ancient ruins or exploring canyons and valleys? Do you wish you could see more than just a far off view of some of the world’s most beautiful sites? If so, adventure travel may be just what you are looking for.

Baby Boomers can find African Safari packages, as well as adventure travel packages that will take us to South America, Asia, and even Australia. Adventure travel packages are available for almost any destination in the world. If we have a special place in mind, chances are there is an adventure package that will take us where we dream of going. Remember that our options are almost unlimited as far as destination, activity, and duration of our adventure travel package. It’s our money and our time, so take the time to find the package of your dreams.

Many companies have made adventure travel much easier for Baby Boomers. They offer packages that will take us to places we may not have even thought to explore. They can help us pinpoint the type of adventure we wish to have, and help make choosing our destination for adventure a whole lot easier. Baby Boomers do need to keep our options open when choosing a package. Prices will vary widely, depending on which source we choose. It never hurts to look for the best travel package for your adventure travel by looking both online and by visiting a travel agent. will soon be offering travel destinations and options that are customized for travel needs of us Baby Boomers. Adventure travel will be a large part of our travel offerings, just for us!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baby Boomers are Buying Clothing Online

There is nothing more valuable than saving Baby Boomers time and that's why we really like the convenience of online shopping at home for clothing at a clothing store online. We found that we can save many hours running from store to store in the traditional shopping methods. However, buying clothing online has some drawbacks if you aren’t savvy in the process of finding the right items to add to your wardrobe.

Consider proper sizing. If the online clothing supplier does not provide an adequate sizing chart, you may be wasting your time ordering from the company. The same rule applies not only to online clothing shopping but also to catalogues and television shopping channels too.

There is no such thing as a perfect size for Baby Boomers. We are all different shapes and sizes and clothes come in all different shapes and sizes as well. How many times have you scratched your head wondering why a size eight fits perfectly in one store but you have to buy a size ten in another store and what about plus size clothing? Some brands have different sizing systems. A size eight in one brand is a size ten in another. There needs to be clear indications what measurements make up a particular size. When you decide that you have found the right size for your attire, you can start shopping at an online clothing store.

Something else that Baby Boomers should consider buying clothing online is the fabric. Different types of fabrics need different care. Some of us are very attentive to our laundry. We can order just about any clothing available because we will take the time and we will put forth great efforts to make sure that the fabric is treated correctly. But some busy Baby Boomers wash everything in one bulky load. Those of us who don’t want to spend time on delicates should not purchase delicates. Not paying attention to the fabric will only lead to heartache in the long run.

Baby Boomers also need to consider our budget. We can find some really great deals shopping for clothing online but don't forget to consider the shipping and handling costs that you don't have when buying from your local clothing store.

Lastly, even though we may save hours of our time shopping locally, don't forget that it can sometimes take weeks for our online clothing order to arrive. Make sure to check the shipping policies for their shipping and time of delivery.

Baby Boomer Generation Looking for New Homes

Call Baby Boomers what you want (don't call us "seniors" if you expect us to answer), but the continuing influence of the nearly 80 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 on every consumer good and service is undeniable, and perhaps housing most of all.

Many call us "nexers" for our readiness to move into our next home. That's because, as our legacy indicates, Baby Boomers will do exactly the opposite of what our parents and previous generations did in their golden years; instead of fading away to Florida (or Arizona or an old-folks home), most want to age in place, work well into our 70s, and take out 30-year mortgages to finance lavish lifestyles in a variety of urban and suburban housing settings and styles, most likely close to where we live now. The Baby Boomer Generation is looking for new homes to treat ourselves with and want everything to be the nicest we've ever owned.

Trying to figure out the whims or track the trends of today's emerging active Baby Boomer market might appear futile, given their unpredictable purchasing history - but one thing seems to be for sure when it comes to their housing preferences, We don't hear the word 'downsizing'.

Instead, Baby Boomers say we want a single-level single-family home in a village-like suburban setting ... or an urban loft in the heart of downtown ... or a seasonal vacation home within a few hours' drive ... or a whole-house remodel of our existing family home.

It is important to remember that Baby Boomers are convenience-driven consumers, We are historically willing to pay for convenience and low-maintenance products; for our homes, specifically, those characteristics help reduce the burden of housing upkeep chores and enable them to age in place in the same home, whether new or remodeled. Wasting our time is worse than wasting their money.

Unlike any other segment of the housing industry, the active Baby Boomer market appears to cross over every boundary. Whether it's remodeling vs. new construction, high-margin vs. volume, single-family vs. attached, or suburbia vs. urban infill, Baby Boomer buyers are there.

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Baby Boomers Love the Clasical Movie

The classical movie is the one which we got the benefit of when Baby Boomers were just kids. Remember when we only had three television channels and with our limited options our Saturday afternoons held movies from the past? Movies featuring the glamour girls and the males gallant that had long since passed out of our existence.

Though there is obviously a clear distinction, between classical movies and classical movies with only classical period elements (music, costumes, storylines, etc.), I would like to address the delight of the classical movie of yesterday and today that does involve only a particular period of history and does, then feature only classical period elements.

I need to start with my favorite classical movie of all time, Impromptu. This film depicts a few years in the lives of George Sand, Franz Liszt, Freiderich Chopin, and the royal and affluent people who took the artists in, allowing them to compose, write, paint, create…in exchange for delightful company and entertainment. The film’s focus is Sand, who is fixated on partnering with Chopin…her aggression as great as his weakness (physical instabilities). The costuming, the music (of course), the dialogue, and the setting are all as stunning as the direction, the technique, and the delivery of words and emotion. There is even a theme or two that humans from the beginning of time until today can identify with or appreciate—the love/hate, good/evil, and longing/belonging motifs that are as classic as the film itself.

Other classical movie choices I lean toward are also the more marginal (or less mainstream popular) ones. I find Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (though clearly POST-classical periods), Wilde, and Jefferson, for instance, as worthy of classical movie acclaim as Amadeus, Emma, The Piano, and any number of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson brilliant [re-] productions.

When you think classical movie, what do you think of? Do you think black and white? Classical music? Big powdered wigs? Do you think formalities and fanciful dress? Do you think classic movie in terms of it being colossal in popularity? Or do you think classic movie is as any individual might determine it—according to accuracy, aesthetics, and appeal? I tend to include the black and white flicks with the beauties and the beaus, the comedies with the curmudgeons, the histories with the insight into who people were then…like us but with an added je ne sais quoi that we must investigate, learn about, and appreciate in as great a depth and as wide a breadth as we might.

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Baby Boomers Privy to Controversy About "I Dream of Jeannie"

A good number of us grew up with the show, “I Dream of Jeannie.” If we were really young—during the original airings of the fluffy sit-com—we were likely not made privy to the details and nuances of what was at the time considered a unique take on subject matter and scenarios, nor were we aware of the dynamics, the issues and concerns, of such a potentially wild show as “I Dream of Jeannie.”

For instance, the classic “I Dream of Jeannie” costume was the subject of much discussion, attention, and even controversy: first, it could not be so revealing that it left open to viewers the sight of Barbara Eden’s navel—which it first was when costumers originally created it. Next, the more commonly appearing “I Dream of Jeannie” get-up was a pink harem outfit; but in a few episodes, Eden/Jeannie wears a green costume…which would become the costume of her evil twin in later episodes. Finally, because it represents or represented such hallmark iconography, the “I Dream of Jeannie” costume is under glass on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

Issues of navels and evil twins aside, “I Dream of Jeannie” was oddly timed. That is, given its 1965 pilot and its subsequent 100+ episodes, the show’s concept was borderline challenging. When housewives were yanking off their aprons and while working moms, female students, and women of all walks of life were burning bras and fronting off the patriarchy, Jeannie was groveling, obsequious, and—though she was rebellious in her own right—was cow-towing to her “MASTER”. The implications, besides those pointing to Jeannie’s neediness (despite her exponential powers), lent themselves to the edge of the alternative world…to say nothing of the woman serving man construct that was on it’s way OUT.

“I Dream of Jeannie” classics are still aired in re-run, are available on CD, and are most intriguing to watch. The show and the storylines and actors (Larry Hagman as Major Nelson, by the way, waaay before his Dynasty and JR days) are cult commodities, replicated on and/or into everything from t-shirts to neckties on posters and prints to board games, internet activities, and, as of a few years ago, casino slot machines. One especially bullish/macho date and I went to Las Vegas the year the “I Dream of Jeannie” slots came out. Every time we approached and initiated with a nickel, the machine would turn on with a Barbara Eden voiceover saying, Helllooo, Master!” This delighted the hell out of my date. And, evidently, it tickled the sensibilities of thousands—in 1965 and for many years after.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Can Baby Boomers afford a youthful lifestyle in retirement?

It's official. Baby Boomers are getting younger - "60 is the New 40"! As the creators and rulers of the Youth Culture, we are not about giving up our title easily. Boomers are getting facelifts, popping Viagra, receiving Botox injections, and dyeing our hair - all in the name of maintaining a youthful appearance.

The question is, will Baby Boomers have the financial resources to maintain a vigorous lifestyle and enjoy the activities of renewed youth? Turning back the clock when it comes to physical appearance is one thing, but it's quite another when the topic is retirement planning. Just because we look in our 30's doesn't mean we still have 30 more years to prepare for retirement. No magic pill can make up for years of little retirement planning or give us more years to prepare. When it comes to retirement planning, 60 is still the same old 60, and for many of us Boomers it's looming up ahead like a major black cloud, threatening to rain on our parade.

76 million Baby Boomers were born between 1946-1964. Today, we represent nearly a third of the population in the United States. Between 2011 and 2029, Boomers will reach the traditional retirement age of 65 at the rate of about one every eight seconds.

As for our retirement planning, most Baby Boomers grew up believing the traditional three-legged stool model of Social Security, personal savings, and company pension would apply to us. But today with the decrease in company-supported pension plans and uncertainty about the long-term viability of Social Security, that three-legged stool has been turned into a pogo stick.

While there's no question that many Baby Boomers are in a precarious position when it comes to retirement, we do appear to be facing the situation with confidence - but not a particularly with a firm grip on reality. 75 percent of Boomers believe we'll be better prepared than our parents to face retirement, but 50 percent of us don't know how much we'll need for it. In short, while we're confident we will enjoy a comfortable retirement, we still have no idea how we will get there.

Indications show that Baby Boomers can still afford to take a more of a "What, Me Worry?" approach to our retirement. We are saving at approximately the same rate as our parents and that we have accumulated more real wealth and earn more real income than their parents did at a comparable age.

No matter which view of retirement planning you take, both optimists and pessimists agree that Baby Boomers must take time to do a "reality check" and take some basic proactive steps to secure our retirement. One thing is clear; Baby Boomers because of our sheer numbers will redefine what it means to be retired. We are going to want retirement on our terms rather than fitting into a system that doesn't make sense us.

So, if Baby Boomers want to enjoy our newfound youthfulness, nothing will help us more than a well-thought out and executed retirement plan.